Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Well, this is a very special post at Please Deliver To because I’m announcing my first giveaway! I’m not a huge proponent of the term “giveaway” because a typical giveaway has a single (or a few) winner(s) and you’re all winners in my eyes. Awwww…. all we need is a heart-to-heart conversation and this post will turn into an afterschool special. So I’m terming it an envelope-palooza. Which is a bit of a misnomer because palooza suggests something wild and adventurous, but who knows? The day is still young.

What is envelope-palooza?

I'm giving away one envelope of things that I think my fellow snail mailers would enjoy. Basically it's an envelope of fun! Here are the contents of the envelope:

Kawaii letter sets:

Two washi tape rolls (red flowers and blue flowers):

Handmade envelopes (made with love and some cursing along the way):

How can I win?

Leave me a comment with your email address by Thursday, July 19 for a chance to win! I'll use a scientifically sound method to pick the winner (ie: randomly, but I'll wear a lab coat to make sure it's all legit). Good luck! It's all elephant parades and contortionists when the envelope-palooza comes around!

One last thing: if you enter the envelope-palooza, it would be great if you could actually follow my blog or be a regular visitor/occasional commenter. It’s a bit of a pet peeve when people enter to get free things from blogs, but don’t actually follow or visit afterwards. Please be considerate, don’t be the person who swings by to get something free, just to disappear into the night without a word. Say hi, I'll be nice, I promise. Unless of course you're a zombie—then I'll have to introduce you to my friend, Mr. Axe. Otherwise, I'm sure glad you came by.


  1. Aww such cute letter sets ^.^ I'll enter! SaskiaHamilton@live.co.uk :)

  2. Hah, luckily I'm one of your very early followers because I luuuurve the way you write. Even though I don't comment often I make sure to step by whenever you have a new article online.
    And - I'd love to win that goodie-bag! Those selfmade envelopes are beauties! Of course I also like the Washi Tape and the Kawaii letter sets.
    Is there any special occasion for why you're offering your first giveaway?
    Take care!

    1. Hi Caddi! Thanks for entering envelope-palooza! Honestly, the "special" occasion is just my own impatience. I was planning on waiting until I got to a nice round number of followers, say 50, but then I figured why wait? 50 followers might take months (if ever), so I just thought, why not now?! I wish I had a more exciting story, rather than this lame one, but that's the story morning glory! :)

    2. Well, you did have the round number of 40 and you are already three up, so it might happen that you gain 50 followers with the envelope-palooza! Wishing you good luck on that side (oh and good luck for me with being picked haha)

  3. I'm a follower of your blog for just a few weeks now, but would love to participate! PS how weird is this? I put up a giveaway ALSO today and it's also ending the 19th of July.

    My e-mail: bijgebrekaanbeter (@) hotmail.com
    This looks like such a fun little package! <3

    1. What a weird coincidence! Great minds think alike! :) Looovve the owl and the strawberry.

  4. Oh, I forgot about the e-mail address: funny enough, I don't have a problem with posting my snail mail address, but I don't like to have my e-mail address out in the internet... so I hope it's okay if the only "online" way for you to get in touch with me is posting a comment on my blog (www.postsuechtig.blogspot.de) :)

  5. Hi! I've been silently stalking/following your blog (through google reader and I'll do the normal follow now too), the envelopes are SO pretty! You've done a great job on them!
    I'm half zombie too, but I'm vegetarian, so you're safe :P I eat mostly paper lol!
    berriquita at hotmail dot com

  6. I follow you blog and I love it so far.


  7. I'm one of your newest followers -and I absolutely love the way you write!
    And your self made envelopes are so beautiful! You're way much better than me at designing envies!

    My email is: ink-spot(at)hotmail(dot)fr

  8. aww thats funny! ^^ I really wanna win, here I can't have this beauty things because don't sell them!! :3 ely_234@hotmail.com

  9. *sniff* I am going to enter anyway... even though I am a zombie :'( DISCRIMINATION!!!


    1. Fine. I accept your entry, but no sudden movements, and don't even think about lunging at my arm. Or you and Mr. Axe will get well acquainted, really fast. :)

  10. I love the handmade envelopes. :)


  11. I'm following your blog and enjoy it. (:

    My e-mail address is butterfly093@gmx.de

    All the best,
    Marie (mariesmailworld.blogspot.com)

  12. I am a follower of your blog and a beloved pen pal, count me in ;)
    e-mail is on my blog :D

  13. I'd ♥ to enter :D
    Reminds me will also do something of a giveaway on my blog again ;)

  14. I am a follower of your blog and I enjoy seeing the mail pics that you post.
    I love the envelopes (and the washi tape)
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter a give-away.
    alisonl66 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  15. Aaaaaah i do follow your blog with my smartphone for a while now, but will put you as a real follower any day with my laptop....great great great great give away! I would love to givr it a try...

  16. Ooh, the handmade envelopes look lovely!

    I'd love to enter. I just today set up a new email, madwild24@gmail.com

    I do follow your blog, but not officially since I don't have a Blogger account. I have been reading your updates for a while though, and will continue to do so, so I hope that's satisfactory enough! I haven't left a comment before though as I usually don't have anything interesting to say :p.

    I love your blog though, the letters you send (and receive!) are always so pretty. I look forward to seeing who wins the giveaway :)

    1. Okay, apparently opening that google account today means I have a Blogger account attached to it. I don't entirely understand, but the general gist is that I think I can now follow you officially, or at least subscribe by email. Yay!

  17. Haha! Count me in! :)


  18. Wow amazing stuff there good luck to the winners.
    I am happy your doing this for your friends, I hope to do something like this someday.

  19. (Sukie here) Fingers crossed that I win! I can't remember if you have my email already or not, but just in case:

  20. I don't usually enter giveaways (because I never win anyway. Poo!), but I LOVE handmade envelopes! And I LOVE washi tape! And I LOVE kawaii lettersets (cannot get them here)! So, I thought I'd try my luck. ;)
    ~S. xo

    sorcha (dot) sidhe (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. Looks awesome! Thanks for such a great giveaway (:

  22. Hello! sorry I haven't commented before! but I just discovered your blog today and would like to write you and enter this contest. Sorry if it seems like I'm only here for the contest, I promise I'll follow and comment from here on out. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

    My e-mail is:

  23. would love to win this :) so much nice stuff!

  24. Hello Laura!
    I'm afraid I understand you about zombies visiting blogs... I've just discovered your blog some weeks (or days?) ago, and I became a follower. In the summer I have more time to follow blogs!
    I want to enter in the giveaway. This is my mail address:

    hawwa.postcrossing (AT) gmail (DOT) com

    And I also invite you to visit my humble mail adventures:

    (BTW: I am not a zombie, sorry)

  25. Hellooo! :) I just recently stumbled upon your blog from Julie's blog (penpaloftheweek) and instantly love your posts! I love snail mailing too so I just feel really happy reading blogs about it :) God bless!


    Love Lots,

  26. Hi Laura! I'm eyeing for the washi tapes! I'm an usual visitor of yours ! My email is gtmjgladys@hotmail.com

  27. Wiw what a lovely giveaway ^-^ :) I'm definitely in. :D

    Many Greetings

    Email: Yoshi_Cida@hotmail.com

  28. Hi! I just recently discovered blogs about snail mail and loved yours. I'll visit you often, so don't be afraid to give me this wonderful envelope (I'll keep visiting you anyway if you don't pick me, but I'll do my sad face).
    My e-mail is penny_clear@hotmail.com

  29. Well I think you know I follow your blog :) my email is openupthesky42 @ gmail.com

    Everything is great. You must share your wealth of resources where you get such wonderful things!

  30. Braaaaaaaaaaaiinssssss.......eeek! AXE! :) Provided this profile works (for some reason, the web is very picky about what profile I use....hmm....), I would love to enter your lovely give away. kdawidow@live.com How do you make such gorgeous envelopes? When I make mine, they always come out smaller on one side! XD

  31. What a great treasure envelope!

  32. Hi!!! I discovered your blog through..well...blog hopping :) ! I'm totally going to keep following you blog! I love it!! And this contest is so cool! I just bought my first roll of Washi tape and im already in love!
    Here's my email

  33. I stalk you ! Thepurpledoor@live.ca and my blog :


  34. Hahaha, you always make me chuckle! :P Of course I wanna be in! :)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for this one!


  35. Yay! love these stationary sets :D


  36. Wheee, the stationery sets and washi tape are so cute! I follow you via rss and love seeing a new update from you in my inbox ;-)

    Greetings from Germany, illariy @ web.de

  37. I've only just found your blog, from Papered Thoughts, but I'm going to enjoy my subscription to you. I love stationery, especially washi tape at the moment!

  38. Hi Laura,

    I followed! I just found you by way of The Missive Maven. I'm a new snail mailer still collecting stash and blog links (though I did send out six messages this week, either notecards or postcards.)

    I love your envelopes. I've been eyeing the western-style template at Jetpens for a couple of weeks now. One day I hope I'll be making envelopes as nice as yours.