Friday, June 29, 2012

Gandalf says YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Until you send some mail.

Hello lovely snail mailers! I hope you had happy mail days this week. They're filming The Hobbit right now in New Zealand and I'd so rather be in New Zealand as I type this than where I am. The Hobbit stars Martin Freeman, Lee Pace, Richard Armitage, and Aidan Turner (and many others, but those are the big names for me), and it's officially the movie of my dreams. All it needs is Tom Hiddleston and James McAvoy and it's my new happy place. I’m not above changing my views against stalking for this. I'm not proud of it, but drastic times call for drastic measures.

I'm actually pretty miffed that I wasn't asked to be an extra in the movie. For crying out loud, I'm practically a hobbit already: short, stocky, and I already eat like 7 meals a day (2nd breakfast? Why, I don't mind if I do. Elevenses? YES PLEASE). But then logic kicks in, and yeah okay, it makes sense that I wasn’t asked. I imagine it’s bad PR to have headlines like “Rabid Hobbit extra found in Richard Armitage’s dressing room. Again!” or “Lee Pace attacks Hobbit extra because she wouldn’t stop asking him about Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls!” Then, instead of making a gazillion dollars in revenue, the movie would only make a gazillion dollars minus 5 dollars.

Here is what happened in The Shire this week:


Kay politely requested that Mr. Postman personally deliver the below envelope on a silver platter, and GUESS WHAT? He didn't. I know, I was hoping this story would have a happier ending too. Oh well, I'm drowning my disappointment by visiting Kay's photography blog, Through a Lens. Come join me, will ya?

Marissa went to the Cosmosphere in Kansas and sent me this awesome sauce astronaut postcard. It's definitely one of my favourite postcards! Not just that, Marissa addressed the postcard to Lady Laura at Armitage Place. YAY! Thanks Marissa, Gandalf says that you can pass. I felt very aristocratic this week because I got two Lady Lauras. Maybe I should go take out the garbage lest my over-inflated royal ego makes it impossible to fit my head through the front door soon. HA! WHO AM I KIDDING? I don't take out the garbage! I'm a Lady! Uh oh, danger Will Robinson, Lady Laura has forgotten her humble beginnings! We need some scandal to take her down a peg or two. Pssst! Did you hear that Lady Laura's father was a fishmonger...? *GASP!*

A velociraptor-iffic letter from Sukie. You may remember that Sukie was the intended recipient of the letter that was returned to me. I'm glad to see that it eventually made its way to her, even though it disproves my theory that I possess some sort of wild envelope magnetism. Damn.

This is the mailbox that Post Muse puts her outgoing mail into! Isn't it cool?


SHARK MAIL for Missive Maven! My shark mail just so happens to be my first handmade postcard as well. Ilona posted about the shark mail saga here and here, and I just wanted to add: it sure is fun finding a shark in your mailbox.

I leave you with the best thing I've seen this week:

It's Canada Day long weekend, so to all the Canadian people visiting my blog: Happy Canada Day! To everyone else, umm... have a happy 2 pm!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Chewie Chimpanzee Snaily Mail

Hello everyone! For some of you, the intro to this post probably seems mighty familiar. I accidently posted part of this entry earlier this week because my stupid fat fingers don't know the difference between "publish post" and "save now." That's what happens when you get super click happy. I apologize for the partial deja vu. Don't worry, you're not in the Matrix. At least I don't think so. There is no spoon...

RIGHT, I'm really aiming to make this post short and sweet and let all the photos (lots and lots of them!) do most of the talking for me this week. I will achieve this goal or die trying! So yup, checked my daytimer and dying wasn't on the list, so short and sweet it is!

I will, however, say two veerrry quick things:

1) I got new moustaches this week! Not ME me (the hair on my lip is ambitious, but luckily it's not quite a 'stache yet)! I'm talking about moustache cut outs for my mail. I'm very excited about this as the other ones were looking worse for wear.

2) The always lovely Julie posted my Top Ten Quirks on PenPal of the Week earlier this week. Check it out if you want to learn more about what makes me t-t-t-tick.


Awesome sauce mail from Rachel:

As well as Kendra:

SHHHAAARRRRKKK MAAAIIIILLL!!! I recently had a conversation with Ilona from Missive Maven about people discovering our blogs by googling "shark letters." Ilona surprised me by sending me some awesome shark mailart so that googlers of shark letters would have something to discover! Missive Maven: snail mail goddess AND patron mistress of people who google shark letters. I love it.
In addition to sharp teeth (oh, Mr. Shark, what sharp teeth you have!), this postcard also featured a shark that was circling my waters, trying to take a bite out of me!! Will I survive? Only time can tell whether I have it in me to fight a shark. Stay tuned....

A delightful envelope of surprises from Miki at Miki's Scrapbook. Miki recently did a fantastic post titled 25 things you can send your penpals. It's a great source for ideas.

Check out the c/o on Vanessa's envelope below. SQUEE!



And that's it! I'm out! Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random what-what?!

One of my favourite things about having a blog is learning about the random ways people discover it (mostly through google searches). A recent search that made me inordinately happy is "best leading men period drama." Other google searches that have led to my blog include "how should a written outgoing envelope look," "justice league membership card," "small envelope making machine," "can silhouette cameo make postcards," "i like your silhouette," and "i do stickers."

The "I do stickers" is particularly puzzling because while I've said some pretty nutty things, I'm fairly certain the words I do stickers have never appeared on my blog. Of course, despite writing that those words have never appeared on this blog, they just appeared three times above. You're very welcome previous googler of "I do stickers"—now it's very legit that you've ended up here. But that's a funny phrase isn't it? Interpreted one way, it's clearly related to weddings. Interpreted another way: woah, what you do in the privacy of your own home is YOUR business. Sticker fetishes, that's a new one. Ha. No? As usual, it's just me then...

I ask myself that all the time.....

Anyway, there really is no point to this post other than to try to drive more random google searches to this blog. So here goes:

- green dinosaurs like one percent milk
- apples and oranges do the tango
- shoes caught in the incinerator
- small paper vacuum slash coffee maker
- creme brule torch master
- time travelling walrus
- Ra-ra-rasputin liked his cuppas
- ninjas go to war over muffins
- hippopotamus likes polka dot ties

THERE. Now if anyone googles any variation of the words above, they'll get driven here. I'd normally insert evil laughter here, but I'm only 34.6% evil on a good day and I don't want to feel like an evil phoney.

However, if someone does find my blog by googling the above words, I have two very important things to say:

First: I'M SORRY.
Secondly: What exactly are you using google to find? Have you considered searching "leafy sea dragon" instead?

Anyone else have weird google searches that have led to their blogs? What's your weirdest?

Friday, June 15, 2012

V-V-Velociraptors!! A week in mail.

Hello people of the internet world! Every week I sit down to write my weekly mail post and think, "I don't really have anything to say today so maybe it'll be a short post with few words." I always underestimate the power of my verbal diarrhea because out spews words and words and you probably feel you need a nap by the time you reach the end. Let's see if I can do better this week.

I've decided that velociraptor is my new favourite word. How come we live in a world where there aren't more opportunities to use the word velociraptor in regular conversation? Basically I'm looking for any opportunity to declare that I'm feeling velociraptor-iffic. The natural solution would be to start hanging out with dinosaur people. Did you know that Brontosauruses aren't real dinosaurs? The Brontosaurus is actually an apatosaurus with the head of a camarasaurus—HA! Take that dinosaur people! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Ahem. However, I suspect dinosaur people are all about T-Rexes and man, don't they know that T-Rexes are so commercial? What-ever.


Just a handful of incoming to report about this week. WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?!!! But alas, I'll survive because what I did recieve is awesome as usual, and Lady Laura doesn't need much to make her happy.

A great letter from Felicia at Light & Shadow on the best stationery ever.  I love the I Heart Guts stationery set.

Some wonderful mail art from Annie at Wanders of Snail Mail. Isn't it beautiful?

A completely unexpected envelope full of birthday surprises from Jessica at Splendour in the Grass! Thanks Jessica! So sweet.


I was a mail magician this week and as a result, I have velociraptor-iffic outgoing to show for it! I rewarded myself by buying *cough*25*cough* books on amazon today. When my place goes into foreclosure and we have to live out of that amazon box, I'll just tell my husband that we're building a fort. It'll be fine. But shhhhh! Don't tell him! I don't need you blowing the SURPRISE!!! 

I love this postcard. Just what exactly are these men talking about?

And that's it! I'm out. Watch out for velociraptors. Especially in the grocery store.