Friday, November 29, 2013

Return of the (Blog) Jedi


I'm back! Please Deliver To is back!

(And as an aside: do you they still call these things blogs? It's been a while since I've done this and it's impossible keeping up with these newfangled terms the youth are using. For instance, twerk? What is happening to the world?!! But seriously, is MySpace still a thing? Do people still use ICQ to chat?.... Both gone... got it, got it.... How about poking people on Facebook...?)

I tried staying away, but I missed y'all too much. How have you lovely folk been? Uh huh.... yup....NO! REALLY?!.... WOW. 

Me? Well, I'm still puttering about the League of Extraordinary Penpals and writing letters. OH, and I started a geek stationery shop with my best friend. The store is titled.... you guessed it... PLEASE DELIVER TO! I know, huge stretch of the imagination. 

We're actually currently having a 25% off Christmas sale, so if you want to purchase some geek stationery (I am SO EXCITED about our new Veronica Mars design!) for your geeky loved ones for Xmas, now would be a very good time:

What else... what else.... I discovered the joys of avocados. Yup, AVOCADOS. This is exciting stuff, people. I'm sure you were thinking, "I wonder what Laura has been up to these past bunch of months? I'm sure she's doing something exciting like....discovering avocados." Just wait, I'm sure something really thrilling like coconuts will be next. 

Did I already mention that I've also been passing the time sending mail? So let's stop talking about avocados already and hop to it, shall we? 



I'm not getting or receiving as much mail as I once did, so I'll be making some tweaks regarding content for Please Deliver To (the blog), but the plan is to continue blogging regularly again. So same bat-time, same bat-channel, awesome snail mailers! I'm so very glad to see you lovely folk again, I've missed you!

Have a great mail week.