Friday, April 12, 2013

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Hello blogworld! Guess what? As of Monday, April 15, Please Deliver To is officially one year old.

YAY! Happy Birthday blog! Now, don't eat all of the ice cream and cake just because it's your birthday—you're starting to look a little thick around the waist and could stand to lose a few pounds. WHAT? I know it's cruel, but I say it to be kind.

However, in addition to celebrating my one-year blog anniversary, I'm sad to announce that I'm taking an indefinite break from blogging and this will be my last post, at least for the foreseeable future.

happy face/sad face/confused face/perplexed face/constipated face/hungry face/I-think-I-just-time-traveled face
[feel free to choose the emoticon that applies to you here]

I started this blog a year ago at the urging of my best friend. She wanted me to start a blog as a record of all the "mail art" (term used loosely) that I was sending out as a new snail mailer. I never thought that this blog would spawn an etsy store, a penpal club, and above all else, great relationships with all the penpals I've met through this blog and all you awesomesauce readers who have left comments over the past year. It's been great.

However, it's difficult finding time to blog because I've got my plate full with LEP, trying to be a decent penpal, a full time job, eating, sleeping, and the general messy business of trying to have a personal life.

So for now, I bid the business of blogging adieu!

But I won't be too far away. I'm all over the LEP newsletter and I'll still be writing posts over at the LEP website. In addition, you can always email me: I may not be posting regularly on Please Deliver To, but it doesn't mean that I don't want to hear from you. Please continue to share your plans for the apocalypse, snail mail news, what you ate at 2:37 pm on a Thursday afternoon, excitement over TV marathons, and everything in between. I'm only an email away.

I may pick up Please Deliver To again in the future when things slow down and I'm struck by inspiration (I hope not literally, I reckon that would hurt!). But in the meantime, so long and thanks for all the fish!

Stay cool, snail mailers.

Friday, April 5, 2013

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for Laura

Before I jump into this week's mail post, I'm happy to announce that the League of Extraordinary Penpals is hosting an international movie night and you are all invited! Every single last one of you! Even you in the back—YES, you! Drinking Yoo-hoo with a curly straw.... I see you!! You can find the details here, but I hope you'll be able to join us because it'll be awesome!! But it's definitely BYOP though (bring your own popcorn); awesome conversation to be supplied by everyone!! 

Okay! On with the bloggy show....

Pssst... want to know a secret about me?!

I'm ridiculously obsessed with teeny, tiny, minature versions of things.

I am surrounded by mini versions of things that are so. damn. cute. but serve absolutely no. functional. purpose.

I think I like them because it makes me feel like a giant when I'm holding them. True fact.

"Run for your lives little mini things! Giant Laura is coming!!! STOMP STOMP." It's a good thing I never bothered to buy a plane ticket to Lilliput. Can you imagine the carnage?!

Anyone have a quirky confession of their own to make? This is a safe zone, I promise. Nothing you say here will leave this blog. I might blackmail you with it in the future, but that's way down the road; for now, let me put your mind at ease...


Sweets from the sweet Miki


A kitten from Julie!

Calligraphy from Jessica

Domes from PostMuse

Speaking of tiny little things: a postcard from the Museum of Salt & Pepper shakers from Jess

I love this PO Box move announcement from PostMuse

Lovely mail from Kimmie


Silhouettes for Vanessa

Bookstairs for Sarah

I'm simply magnetized by Julie

Dots for Talli

Spring rains for Jona

Have a very wonderful week everyone!