Friday, June 22, 2012

Chewie Chimpanzee Snaily Mail

Hello everyone! For some of you, the intro to this post probably seems mighty familiar. I accidently posted part of this entry earlier this week because my stupid fat fingers don't know the difference between "publish post" and "save now." That's what happens when you get super click happy. I apologize for the partial deja vu. Don't worry, you're not in the Matrix. At least I don't think so. There is no spoon...

RIGHT, I'm really aiming to make this post short and sweet and let all the photos (lots and lots of them!) do most of the talking for me this week. I will achieve this goal or die trying! So yup, checked my daytimer and dying wasn't on the list, so short and sweet it is!

I will, however, say two veerrry quick things:

1) I got new moustaches this week! Not ME me (the hair on my lip is ambitious, but luckily it's not quite a 'stache yet)! I'm talking about moustache cut outs for my mail. I'm very excited about this as the other ones were looking worse for wear.

2) The always lovely Julie posted my Top Ten Quirks on PenPal of the Week earlier this week. Check it out if you want to learn more about what makes me t-t-t-tick.


Awesome sauce mail from Rachel:

As well as Kendra:

SHHHAAARRRRKKK MAAAIIIILLL!!! I recently had a conversation with Ilona from Missive Maven about people discovering our blogs by googling "shark letters." Ilona surprised me by sending me some awesome shark mailart so that googlers of shark letters would have something to discover! Missive Maven: snail mail goddess AND patron mistress of people who google shark letters. I love it.
In addition to sharp teeth (oh, Mr. Shark, what sharp teeth you have!), this postcard also featured a shark that was circling my waters, trying to take a bite out of me!! Will I survive? Only time can tell whether I have it in me to fight a shark. Stay tuned....

A delightful envelope of surprises from Miki at Miki's Scrapbook. Miki recently did a fantastic post titled 25 things you can send your penpals. It's a great source for ideas.

Check out the c/o on Vanessa's envelope below. SQUEE!



And that's it! I'm out! Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Yay! Mine is here! :P Thank you so much for linking to my blog; I really appreciate it! ;D

    You get so many awesome envelopes!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! ;P


  2. I love your in coming mail, I also love your out going mail a lot too so amazing every time.

  3. Waw, that is some great snail mail. I love the ones you received as well as the ones you sent out! The personality of each 'writer' shines through every letter, I think.

  4. Great new mustaches. And aren't you lucky to receive so many great things in the envelope. Sorry this comment is so late. I thought I has sent it on June 23rd but today discovered I had for to

  5. You have received the Liebster Blog award :D Check it out here :) (now the right link xD)

  6. Yes! My letter did arrive..


    1. You found me! :) I loved your letter, it was such a great surprise. Also, what a weird coincidence as I am just replying to your letter now!

  7. Waaaaaaah getting hyperexcited now!!!!!!!! And yes....found you!! Lovely blog!!