Friday, December 13, 2013


While I was away on my blogging-free sojourn, I acquired three typewriters.

Again, take "acquired" with a grain of salt. Blah, blah, went batshit crazy—you know the drill. The only saving grace was the sheer size and weight of these new acquisitions. It's hardly as if you can acquire a dozen typewriters and barely notice. These babies are beasts and take up a lot of space. And while my husband indulges my obsessions, even he is going to notice when I start stacking typewriters on his bed. And sadly, he declined my suggestion to learn how to sleep standing up. Not a team player, that one.

I'm quite proud of my typewriting lovelies, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce them to you. I should warn you that each typewriter has its own foibles and quirks, which you'll soon learn. Don't be offended if any of them are feeling less than sociable. I love my typewriters, but they can be rather mercurial.

Typewriters, meet the online snail mailers of the world. Online snail mailers and readers of Please Deliver To, may I introduce....

ELBA! He is my oldest model, a circa 1950s Royal that could definitely brain an innocent bystander if I decided to use him as a weapon.

This is Idris, my very first typewriter! A 1960s electronic Smith-Corona Electra 110, he's also a hefty thing. And loud! I think he's a bit of an attention-seeker.

This is Alice, my newest acquisition. She is a 1980s Smith-Corona XD 7000 and she is gorgeous!

And those are my typewriter lovelies! I know there are other typewriter enthusiasts out there and I'd love to be introduced to your typewriters. Perhaps our typewriters could have playdates and such! Typewriter lovers: do you also name your typewriters? What are some of the quirks and foibles of your typewriters? I'd love to know!


  1. Hi Laura, eclectic collection! Welcome to the Typosphere!

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