Friday, December 27, 2013

December Mailings

Hello, blogworld!

MERRY POST-CHRISTMAS! I hope you had a super Christmas and that Santa was great to you. I've been asking Santa to bring me a spaceship for years now, and every year, he brings me some candy in my stocking. I hate to speak ill of jolly fat men, but me thinks Santa is losing his touch... I mean, I can swallow a lot of ridiculousness, but even I won't be fooled into thinking that gumballs are a spaceship. Really, Santa. REALLY.

I mentioned weeks ago that I'm not sending or recieving as much mail as I once did. As a result, I'm aiming to do a mail recap only once a month, at the end of the month. So! If you asked Santa for some mail art eye-candy for Christmas and he didn't deliver (let me guess: he gave you socks? Antiperspirant? OR WORSE: USED antiperspirant?!!), today is your lucky day!


A wee bit of surprise mail for Rachel

Appropriately labeled mail for the Amazing Mary

HULK SMASH for Natasha

Frida Kahlo mosaic for Kimmie

Captain "I Need a Lozenge" (AKA Batman) for Tamara, a new IGGPPC pal

Xmas tags for Laurel

Round 1 of Mail Tag for Wendy!

A bit of a Christmas mail art experiment for Ginger


(from top left: mail from Laurel, POW from Natasha, and stamp goodness from Nadine)

(from top left: mail from Mary, my husband, and Talli)

Ginger asked for my advice in a Case Mystery, and she so very helpfully provided all the necessary pieces for me to crack the case

(from top left: Christmas card from Kimmie, mail art from a friend I made on twitter, and Miki)

I signed up for Cards Against Humanity's (CAH) 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit, and this is what I've recieved so far. Judging from the website, I seem to be missing Day 1 and Day 2 already. How bad could I have been this year that I don't even get coal?!!

A close-up of one of the CAH envelopes, because they're really quite fun

(from top left: Christmas cards from Em, Natasha, and lovely Lisa)

(from top left: mail from LEP friends Millie, Marissa, and Jennifer)

And that's what I got in the mail this month! What about you? What did you get in the mail recently?

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