Friday, March 15, 2013

Mind your Ps and Qs

Hello everyone!

I spent a lot of time this week thinking about gratitude and appreciation. Sometimes it feels as though the words "thank you" aren't used enough today. It's too easy to take kindness for granted, and saying thanks is a simple gesture that means a lot. It barely takes any time to send someone a message to thank them for doing something nice, for going above and beyond, for taking the time to do something that you really appreciated or enjoyed, or just for being great.

However, if there's a reason for complaint—watch out! People rarely stay quiet when they have something negative to say. I wish that people were as passionate about expressing appreciation and gratitude as they were about complaining.

This is why I'm taking the effort to write thank you notes to all the people who made my week a little bit brighter this week. I want them to know that I acknowledge and appreciate their help and support. This will include thanks for extraordinary gestures (like my best friend who always lends me craft supplies) to thanks for small details that are greatly appreciated (like a store that packaged my ink order up especially secure). I know that it's a small gesture on their part, but it means a lot to me and it's important to express that appreciation.

Have you thanked someone for doing something nice this week? Why not join me and say thanks now? We'll make it a party and everything!! You bring the chips, I'll bring the snark. All of my parties always involve a donkey and a spatula, so be sure to bring some medication if you're allergic to spatulas. Oh, and I guess donkeys too.


Steampunky punk goodness from Natasha, which also contained.....

This fantastic Avengers button!!! AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Thank you, Natasha! This is my sad attempt to take a semi-artistic shot involving my new donkey note holder. (Huh, two donkey references in one blog post. It's all asses at Please Deliver To)

A letter from Talli

A BOOK! SARAH SENT ME A BOOK!!!! Thank you Sarah for sending me two of my favourite things in the world (letters and books, that is. I'm neutral at best about stickers that say "ID Recorded)!!

Awesome Paddy's Day mail from Katri


Triangles for Jessica

Superheroes for Cheryl

Picket fences for Patty!

(note: if you read Patty's blog, it appears that she was recently in a car accident. OH NO! Her address is on her blog, let's send her some get well wishes and snail mail her better! Yes, I just used snail mail as a verb. And no, I'm not sure what it really means either.)

Want to know what I was especially grateful for this week? THIS. THIS MAKES MY YEAR. 

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for reading this post and for visiting!


  1. Ohmygod. I would totally love to see a 'Veronica Mars' movie. That was an awesomeamazing TV show (I even think I mentioned it in my letter, did I not?).

    What is there not to like about a big fluro orange sticker plastered onto the front of a parcel? I'm glad my local postmistress used the small one becase they get much, much bigger. We have to show ID when sending international parcels so Australia Post knows we're not terrorists or drug smugglers. Or something like that - I haven't quite figured it out.

    Enjoy the book! ;)
    ~S. xo

    1. You did mention it in your letter! That's why I thought it was an extraordinary coincidence! It's like you made this happen. Can you mention Pushing Daisies or Wonderfalls in your next letter? Because I need those to be movies next.

      Terrorist, drug smugglers, and teaspoon hoarders--all of the above. :)

      Thanks again for the book. I'm looking forward to reading it!

  2. So I knew this was happening, and I am super excited about it, but I had not gone to the Kickstarter website yet. Your link was too tempting. Oh man, I am having so much trouble NOT handing over $350 for a Logan (smolder!) or Dick (pure unfiltered awesome with a side of Candy Andy!) outgoing voicemail message. So. hard. Must. be. strong. (But how much awsomeness would that be?!? Awesome-sauce all over the place every time the phone rang!!!) Gah! I can't even type about it without weakening my resolve. This Is why I avoided that page!

    Who would you pick?


    1. P.S. That steampunk envelope is amazing. You are a super lucky girl to find that in your mailbox!

    2. I am absolutely an extremely lucky girl to find that in my mailbox!

      If I had a couple million dollars, I would have just handed them two million off the bat and said, "All these prizes? I want them all, and I just want to be a creepy lurker in the background as you film the whole movie."

      Oooohh, I'd choose Logan hands down. Followed closely by Deputy Leo and Keith Mars, both of whom aren't options, but THEY SHOULD BE. I can't justify the $350, but I am absolutely contributing something because I waste money on junk all the time, why not contribute to something that I believe in and that makes my geek heart happy? What would you get them to say as your voicemail message?

    3. HUH. Apparently I don't read very well because all cast members are options. That's it! $350 times whatever number and I'm getting Logan, Keith Mars, Deputy Leo, Weevil, Wallace, Mac, and Piz. Incidentally, I now live in a cardboard box. But hey, I've got some styling voicemail messages!!

  3. That's so true! People so easily complain about trivial things, but don't thank others often enough. Or I should probably say "we", not "they". I like to say thanks, though. I actually did so in a very "not me" way because I was forced to, haha. My sister is leaving Argentina to go to Brasil (to live with her bf that I don't like :/) and one of her friends asked me to record a video she'll edit together with some other videos and play the whole thing in her farewell party ... tonight! She might even be watching the video right now! It was SO freaking hard to record myself talking and thanking her for everything she's done for my dad since I left ... But she certainly deserved every word.

    Anyway, this was an awesome idea, Laura! ;)

    Hope you have a great week! And since we're at it, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being you! So kind, friendly, understanding and funny! Reading you always makes my day. I'm very lucky to have met you, girl! ;D

  4. Wait! Why Ps and Qs? I don't get it, haha :/.

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