Friday, February 22, 2013

Extraordinary mail from extraordinary people

The word of the day today is "extraordinary."


Because you, my friend, are extraordinary. I think you're great.

The people who read my blog are extraordinary and I thank you for visiting this blog every week.

Above all else, my penpals are extra extraordinary people. I bow down to their awesome and if they were crazy kool-aid, I'd be drinking all of it up (which is intended to be a really nice sentiment, but sounds as if I'm a thirsty weirdo. This is why I stick to sarcasm. Sarcasm I get. I'm more of a stranger to nice).

What inspired all the love today? No, I didn't get replaced by a Laura Love-bot, I just got some extra special mail this week and I'm feeling good about it.

Enjoy this post because I only get sentimental like this for 67.5 minutes a year. That's a fact! Now, will someone give me a hug already?!!!!!


First up is this totally velociraptor-iffic package from my bonny lass, Cheryl:

For hawk-eyed readers: why yes, those are Battlestar Galactica playing cards...! SQUEE.

Inspired by a booklet idea I stole from my pal Sarah, Cheryl wrote an entire letter in a book that was decorated throughout with mini envelopes—all containing surprises and stickers and just pockets of awesome. It was easily the most amazing letter I've ever recieved! It was the mother freaking Kinder surprises of letters.

And that's just a few of the pages! I've told Cheryl that she has a standing invite to come live with me when I build my zombie-proof house for the apocalypse (however, she has to bring her own canned goods. I draw the line at sharing mine). That's my way of saying "If I was a bear, I'd squeeze you to death (WITH LOVE!!)."

Next up is mail from Julie. Now, Julie and I usually write epic letters—they practically have chapters and footnotes!—but Julie totally outdid herself on this one:

I LOVE lists! The weirder the better. Some of the gems from this book include: Ukulele songs appropriate for a funeral; injurious comments to make to a pirate; and reassurances for a depressed dairy farmer. This is letter gold!

This is a cool folder that I'm going to use as a portable letter writing kit. It has all these zoo animals on it and I think it says something about me that I originally thought they were dinosaurs. "If a creature ain't a dinosaur, evidently I'm not interested and I'll just see a dinosaur anyway," says Laura.

The package also contained this totally awesome-named scentable pen (also a fact: if you add the word ninja to something, it automatically makes it cooler) from blog reader Louisa, who was Julie's secret santa. Thanks Louisa! If you're reading this, can you send me an email? I'd love to send you a thank you card for your thoughtfulness!

And the extraordinary mail train continues... (I'm not worthy. Party on penpals! Party on blog readers!)

Postcard from Julie in Grand Rapids

It's all batty in here from the LEP swap on swap-bot

Star Wars superheroes from Sara

A very sweet note from Jennifer

Incoming from my LEP swap partner

Stamps galore from Annie

Mail from Melanie

Dots from the very lovely Patty

Are you exhausted by all the mail porn yet? Or do you still have some energy for some outgoing?


I'm juggling stars for Felicia

I'm all EYES for Miki

Sushi washi tape and bad sashimi puns for Natasha

Maneater for Julie

Outgoing for PostMuse

I don't know what's happening in this photo, and that's the way I like it for Nicole

A star tree for my niece

Whew, I could use a smoke. How about you?

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Tree stars remind me of Little Foot and The Land Before Time. <3

  2. Wow, what a lot of mail! And love the postcard with the two girls. Wtf is going on there?

  3. Oooh, you got my pen! Yay! Glad you liked it!

  4. **hug**
    (just wanted a piece of the action)

  5. You always get really amazing fun sweet cool silly mail that is super great.

  6. I thought the zoo animals were dinosaurs too! And I was a bit disappointed when I realized that they weren't. But I still think it makes a fun portable letter writing kit!