Friday, February 1, 2013

Donald Duck, don't do it! What would Daisy say?!

I consider myself a relatively smart person.

I'm university educated; I occasionally read high-brow literature (Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started sometimes had TWO syllable words. TWO SYLLABLE WORDS, Y'ALL!! If that doesn't say high-brow, I don't even know what does); and I sometimes scan the news when I'm looking for celebrity gossip and TV spoilers.

Then why, for the love of all that is good and frakking holy, why can't I remember to empty out my pockets when I do laundry?!!!

This last load was particularly bad. The culprit? A kleenex, the mangy cur.

White fluff everywhere. It looked like Donald Duck decided to go kamikaze on my laundry.



Bzzzbees from the lovely PostMuse

A replacement letter from Kooky Kay since her first letter got lost, which actually worked out in Kay's favour because she's now being wooed by her postman (who I secretly believe is a tie-wearing gecko...). Apparently replacement letters result in me either perpetrating or being accused of crimes against platypuses. That platypus was just asking for it!

I thought I got weed from Nicole, but she really just sent me oregano


I WROTE A LETTER! HUZZAH! Of course, it also involves the lamest placement of moustache scraps ever, but let's gloss over that shall we? Moustaches for Lisa!! was also the big reveal of the first LEP newsletter! By now, hopefully you'll have had a chance to read it. What did you think?

Now that the first newsletter is out, I'm off to collapse in an exhausted heap. Please don't step on me if you see me lying in the middle of the street. However, if you want to play jumping games over my inactive form, I suppose that's okay.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I love the bee the best so net big time.

  2. Ugh, damn those tissues! You know those beans you find in bean bags, the ones with an endless amount of static that stick to everything and refuse to be cleaned up? That's what a tissue in the laundry reminds me of.
    I solve this problem by not putting anything into my pockets. Ever. But hell, you should see the state of my handbag! :/
    I don't mind when Shane forgets to clean out his pockets though, since the only thing he puts in his is cash. Sweet, sweet cash. Australian notes are plastic so a spin in the washing machine makes them appear brand new. I think this may be how I become a millionare by doing nothing, one clean $50 note at a time.
    ~S. xo

    1. You know what's pathetic? I wrote this post, thinking "A-HA! I just bared my folly for all to see and that'll teach me a lesson!" Then last night, I did another load of laundry and what happened? Yup, yup, stupidity strikes again. The culprit for a second time in a row? A kleenex. And this is after I spent 40 minutes using a lint brush to take off all the kleenex from my last load. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

      I need to take a lesson from you and not put anything in my pockets ever. Not even my hands, because I might forget to take those out before washing my pants too!

      Ha! That's your savings system isn't it? You don't sock money away in a savings account or in a drawer, you just "pocket" what is in Shane's pockets. I'm onto you.... :)

  3. Almost the same as I did few weeks ago - I put a new towel together with some regular clothes... How smart was that?
    Love the mustache envelope! :)

    1. Grrr, new towels are also terrible. But boy are they lovely to use!

  4. I've washed the same dollar bill about 6 times now. I keep pulling it out of the dryer, stuffing it into the pocket of the current slacks, and forgetting it again. Money laundering to the extreme.

    1. HA! I love puns and that was one of the best I've ever heard. Love it! Thanks PostMuse!

      You should just go spend the money. That's probably the only reason why I never launder money--it's already spent before I have to do a load of laundry.