Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do you have what it takes...

... to join the League of Extraordinary Penpals (LEP)?!

Illustration by the awesomesauce Ciara Kay

The newly-formed LEP is looking for superhero and extraordinary penpals to join its ranks.

Do you write faster than the speed of light?
Does your mail arrive so fast that you could swear it practically teleported there?
Can you add stamps to your envelopes using only the power of your mind?

Then you should join the LEP!

Do you think you might be more of a muggle? No worries, the LEP still has something for you.

For example, do you like:
* monthly printables?
* snail mail challenges?
* mail swaps and letter swaps?
* monthly giveaways?
* learning about other superhero penpals?
* receiving mail?
* stationery?

Then you should join the League of Extraordinary Penpals!


  1. I sure do have what it takes!! So excited :)

    1. Uh, you sure do! This ain't no club without you! I'm so glad you joined. :)

  2. Yay! I admit I am a muggle when it comes to penpalling - but you had me at "snail mail challenge". :) Sounds fun!

    1. Helen! I'm so glad you joined! We've got some fun things in store for the snail mail challenges and hopefully you'll find something perfect for a stamp lover such as yourself. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Just posted a shout out on my Blog for you awesome ladies!

  4. Hi Laura
    I am still working on the mega package for you. Just waiting on payday.
    Just letting you that it didn't get lost.
    Joined the League & super excited about it.

  5. Ooh this sounds good, off to have a look!