Friday, January 11, 2013

Cat's out of the bag!

So, earlier this week Julie and I finally announced The League of Extraordinary Penpals (LEP)! WOOT WOOT!

We've been working on the LEP for a while now and I'm just relieved that the cat is finally out of the bag. I am total rubbish at keeping super exciting secrets and I have wanted to blab. my. freaking. mouth. off. for. forever. now.

This is mostly because I know how many of you awesome readers are total geeks and love superheroes like me and I can't even tell you how many times I have wanted to yell, "it'sasuperheroclubforpenpalsandyoushouldtotallyjoinandwe'redoingreallycoolthings." In fact, if you go back and re-read old posts, every time I used the word "mail," what I was actually trying to say is the above. 

I'm the person who gives you a gift and is then bouncing off the walls for you to open it. In fact, before you've ripped the corner of the wrapping paper, I'm shouting "It's a time machine! I got you a flipping time machine!" Because I'm just so damn excited for you to open (what I think is) the most perfect present and you're taking so freaking slow and ohmigod, will you just open the damn thing already? Don't you even think about Monica Geller-ing that wrapping paper. RIP IT! RIP IT GOOD.

And that's what it's been like for me, keeping LEP a secret. A person just isn't meant to keep all that enthusiasm inside! So now I'm showering you all with my excitement and enthusiasm for this project! *showers everyone!* Can you feel it through the screen? Raining down on you? Ew, except for that. I don't know what that was but I'd wipe it off with a wet cloth and get an umbrella...

Seriously though, BIG THANKS to everyone who has already joined LEP. Julie and I have some really cool things planned for the year and we're really happy you're going to be part of it.


New Years card from the lovely Holly

THIS is why I have the best penpals. Because they are terrific people who send me awesome things like photos of novelty condoms blown up like balloons (why YES, that's Big Ben, the mother of all condom clock towers). Of course, this arrived before the letter explaining the condom balloons but hey, I would never complain about recieving photos of condom balloons. Thanks Marissa!!

A letter from Katri, who possesses an extraordinary ability to write letters during blackouts

Letter from Jona, mail art from the very talented Boris

From Sukie, my future tea shop business partner

Letter from Marissa, explaining said condom balloons

Postcard from Julie in Grand Rapids

Postcard from Nicole

Snaily mail from my best friend


Stargazing with Sarah (incidentally, this is one of my favourite outgoing envelopes ever so it seems apt that it's going to a penpaller who is doing a 365 day mail art challenge)

Words of encouragement for Super Sushi, my LEP partner in crime

All eyes are on Jess

Outgoing for Cheryl

Special thank you package for Ciara Kay, LEP's official illustrator and logo creator

And that's it from me! I hope you had a great week, and I wish you great mail days for the week to come.


  1. It is great that LEP is finally here. After seeing all it took to get it going I am super glad you finally get to share it with everyone

  2. I now am a member of the LEP! I'm sure it'll be great :)

    And nice mail, by the way :)

  3. Keeping LEP secret would have been painful for me too so I think you deserve a ribbon or trophy of some sort for doing such an excellent job! ;)

    Love your mail both incoming and outgoing, thanks for sharing the pics. Morning inspiration for me!

  4. I am happy your LEP is coming along really good great happy. I love the mail you get so net and cool all the time.

  5. Ohmigosh, I love the stargazing envelope! Do you think it'll arrive tomorrow? Because I want it tomorrow.

  6. LEP!!! So excited! I'm hoping to get a letter out to you this week, but I always need a few hours because we're so dang chatty :)

  7. hahaha, the mailart from Boris looks like hell i see...i will ask him to be more talented next time...

  8. Awesome job secret-keeping, haha! I'd be dying too... I'm not very patient, haha.

    Got my goodies today!! Thank you so so much! =D

  9. Once again, you're letter was fantastiko! I've sent out one to you today, hopefully it won't take 545894664 days like it does sometimes.