Friday, November 16, 2012

So a Parallax Paradox Walks Into a Parallel Universe...

A fun email from a blog reader—Hello Ginger!—got me thinking about parallel universes this week.

It's fun to think about parallel universes, don't you think? I've mentioned that Fringe is one of my favourite shows and it looves its parallel universes (well, not so much anymore) so parallel universes and my thoughts are like *this.* [I know you can't see it right now, but I'm doing the whole crossed fingers gesture here. Damn internet and its physical limitations!!]

I started thinking about parallel universe Laura (let's call her P.U. Laura for short. Though, I'm not implying that she doesn't bathe. However, on second thought, maybe she doesn't. P.U. Laura could be a stinky mess). I like to think that she's super prim and proper. For example, P.U. Laura:

- loves to bake and finds it relaxing;
- doesn't watch TV. She only reads totally high-brow literature and quotes passages from War and Peace;
- doesn't secretly want to train a regiment of dwarves;  
- never, ever swears (though sometimes, she occasionally utters a "poppycock");
- has no plan for any apocalypse. She's the first person eaten;
- doesn't get weirdly emotional about dinosaurs;
- AND to top it off: she might not bathe.

In other words: P.U. Laura is a pungent BORE.

What do you think your parallel universe self is like?


Polka Dotty Dotness from Katri

Gorgeous postcard from Julie in Grand Rapids

From Julie, one of the world's Smart Women electing to make a difference

A letter from Jona that was misdelivered and written all over, but must have had a homing beacon because it still made its way to me. YAY!

A letter from Jessica, the Abed to my Troy


Carnival extravaganza for Cheryl

A letter for Kendra

And much love to the greatest niece ever

Hilariously, I read tips for writing a "proper" blog post earlier today. One of the tips was to make the post titles concise and non-abstract, and they should also contain key words that would rank high in search engines.

What's more concise, non-abstract, and SEO friendly than So a Parallax Paradox Walks Into a Parallel Universe???!!!!


Okay, okay. I totally failed "Proper Blog Writing 101."

Have a great week everyone!


  1. So much awesome mail!

    And why wouldn't PU Laura bathe? I don't get the joke, haha.

    And do you know what? I think that your blog titles make you easier to find in search engines! They're unique, just like you! Gosh, I'd never thought of including words that would make my posts easy to find in search engines ... I guess my next posts should include the following words/tags: Uggs (I hate them so much!) or any kind of footwear for the matter, no? Make-up, puppies, maybe?

    Hugs, Laura!

    1. Say "PU" out loud. Little kids sometimes hold their nose and say "peee ewwee" out loud when something's stinky, :-)

    2. Thank you to lovely Mary for such a wonderful explanation of my terrible smell joke. :)

  2. I love seeing what you get\send out. Every thing is always so different from each other.
    I also like how you talk\ask stuff when you post.

  3. i always love it whe they mideliver my letters. Ggrrrrrr

  4. I'm so gutted that you haven't got my letter yet! I sent it ages ago, I'm beginning to think it's been eaten by the post :(

    1. I know! I keep hoping it'll show up when I check my mailbox, but so far nada.

      HOWEVER, maybe your letter is doing the eating and it'll eventually appear when it has sated its enormous appetite. One can hope!

  5. How do you guys make such cute envelopes??! I have no clue!:) I love everything!

    1. Thanks Tanya! It's not hard to make envelopes, you just need some great paper, some patience, and some folding skills. :)

  6. I hate that Ginger in this universe had to leave her previous comment under the wrong post. In this (and many, many other ways) I feel the Ginger here gets a raw deal.

    1. I think you're being too hard on Ginger here. Consider this: here Ginger gets to use the following sentence in her Amelie-like voiceover: "Ginger sometimes accidently leaves comments in the wrong section." AND BOOM, it's like instant interest. A viewer would then say, "Oh, really? Tell me more....."

      I, personally, am a fan of here Ginger.