Friday, November 2, 2012

Candy moderation? No thanks.

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

My favourite thing about Halloween is the day after. That's when all the candy goes on sale for 50% off. I can't resist the mega sale, even if that means I'm eating these ridiculously small candies until August next year.

And they really are such annoyingly small candies, aren't they? You have to eat like 8-12 of them in order to get a proper sugar buzz.

I mean, the companies must have intended for you to eat them 12 packages at a time, because why else would they make them so flipping small?!!  



Halloween themed mail from Jennifer

A letter from Erika in Italy

The postcard album cover for the new band that Julie and I started. Look for us (Sushi and the Squirrel) in music stores everywhere soon!

An awesome Halloween card from Kestrel


Postcard surprises for Julie

Outgoing for Sarah

Have you ever considered wearing a costume on a day other than Halloween? As Mary noted to me earlier this week, nobody would expect it! Plus, there's an above average chance that no one is wearing the same outfit as you. And we all know how awkward that can be! Save yourself the embarrassment: wear your costume on the other 364 days of the year! You'll be the centre of attention—guaranteed!

Have a great week everyone.



    Except when that logic is telling you not to eat the sweets. In which case it is deeply, deeply flawed and must be disregarded in favour of consumption of sugary goodness immediately.

    1. Oh, you took the words right out of my mouth. Logic that tells you not to indulge in sugary awesomeness is no logic at all!

    2. Precisely! In fact, I think that very sentence needs to be added to the definition of logic in the dictionary...

  2. Your candy logic is pretty solid. And I encourage everyone to dress up all the time. Every time.

  3. Mmmm... candy and mail. My 2 favourite things! I don't think candy moderation even exists. They are mutually exclusive things.

    1. Now that you've pointed it out, they really are. What was I thinking, putting them into the same sentence? I must be crazzzzyyyy!

  4. The Squirrel post card is way too cute.
    And I always have a Halloween card just like that almost.

  5. Yay for Sushi and the Squirrel!

    I always buy candy AFTER Halloween, never before. I'm such a rebel!

  6. I totally agree to that first statement! :P All I could think about the day after Halloween was how many bargains I was going to be able to find in the bargain aisles at Walmart, haha. Those SOBs, though, are holding up to some nice goodies still, haha. I could only take 2 Halloween cans for like 75 cents. The black kitty stuff and party supplies were almost the same price.

    We had no treat or treaters here, which was predictable considering we didn't get any last year either. Still, we bought a bag of blow pops and Nerds (David loves them, yuck!) just in case. I guess it's good no kids have taken our stash ... It's slowly going down because we're eating it all, hehe.

    I don't see my letter there, but I hope you get it soon ;). Have a great day, sweet Laura! ;D