Friday, October 26, 2012

Apocalypse Now? Darn. I'm not quite prepared....

You know, I consider myself relatively prepared for an apocalypse. Mentally, that is. And by mentally, I mean entirely in the warped world that exists just in my mind.

In real life? Eh.... not so much. I once spent a blackout trying to find candles. Only to realize hours later—after the lights had come back on, of course—that they were in a box that I used to prop up my computer screen. Because, naturally, that's where they were the most useful. Candles and computer screens go together like two peas in a not-at-all-useful pod. That is, sadly, a true story.

So I could do with a bit more practical emergency preparation in the real world, but mentally—WOAH! I could not be more prepared. This is a topic I discuss with some of my penpals quite a bit. And with every letter, we keep upping the ante. First it was zombies, robots, and aliens, now we're constructing rock solid plans against mannequin takeovers, gnome attacks, unicorn rampages, and total war against deer wearing argyle sweaters (not to be confused with deer wearing checkered sweaters—totally different game plan).

Really, there's no shortage of things that could be viewed as threatening if you think about it hard enough (and are slightly unhinged enough). Are you having a cup of tea as you read this? Oh, did that mug just move a teensy weensy bit closer to you?!!!! Who knows anymore? But I'd prepare a plan against a mug uprising Just. In. Case......You just never know when you might fall into a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

And if the apocalypse comes, beep me. I'll be there with candles...just as soon as I find them.


Mix CD musical goodness from Holly

A long overdue letter from my dearest Jinnee (yeah, I said "long overdue." DEAL WITH IT. Just kidding, please still love me....)

Postcard fun from my neurotic sidekick Julie (I'm her stationery sidekick. Friendship is about acknowledging each other's strengths)

Halloween in an envelope from Cheryl, the best Scottish lass I know

This was a letter from Elizabeth. Her first letter to me went missing, so I was quite excited when her second letter actually arrived. Except when I opened the envelope, this was inside:
Yup, that's nadda. Somewhere between Mexico and here, the letter slipped its envelope noose and ran for freedom. Has anyone else ever recieved an empty envelope? It amazes me how I can have such bad luck with the same penpal!

Uncustomary mail

A letter from Vanesa in Spain

A letter from Kendra

An awesome bat card from Katri

A letter from (in my opinion) the best 10-year-old girl in the world (AKA my niece). Though, should I be concerned that she's still drawing monsters eating things? If we were in a horror movie, this would be #13 on the list of "Common horror tropes that indicate the shit is about to hit the fan."

A letter from Angelica in Sweden


A doozy of a long letter going to Julie. I *still* don't think my hand has recovered. I hope Julie appreciates that I lost at least 12.67 days of lifetime functionality from my wrist while writing her letter.

Then yet another doozy of a long letter. This time to Stupendous Kay.

And that's it from me. It just keeps snowing where I am and I think I'm slowly freezing to death in small increments. If one of my future posts abruptly ends, don't be alarmed. My fingers probably just froze and broke off.

I hope you all had a great mail week too. See you next week.


  1. I would be quite happy waiting out an apocalypse with you. We could kill time by playing candle hide and go seek.

  2. I am happy you got some really good great fun sweet mail.
    I love the letter with Pucca on it yay.

  3. Hahaha! I could never find my candles whenever there was a blackout either! But that was when I was in Argentina; here, I've never experienced one. Oh, wait! Wait! That's not true! Last week, there was a blackout at Red Robin while we were having dinner, haha. I don't know how long it lasted because we ended up leaving. People got away with not paying their meals, but we did pay and left a good tip. We got a coupon to have a free appetizer the next time :p.

    And it's so funny that it's so cold over there! We have our fan on right now and I'm still hot, ha.

    Tight hugs, sweet Laura! ;D

  4. Laura! Thank you so much for making me laugh so much with your comment, hahaha! You're the coolest girl ever!

    And now something to make you smile. I thought of you the second I saw this, hehe.


    1. I love this! Actually, I have lived this exact scenario with captcha before. It's like the cartoonist is looking right into my window....dun dun! :) Thanks Miki.

  5. I want to cry because I didn't receive your letter this week, but at the same time I'm grateful because I received your surprise (the postcards). Should I laugh or cry? Or maybe both at the same time? Yeah, let's try that... *sniffhahasniffhahasniff*

    1. Can you cry, laugh, and hiccup at the same time? Because then, and only then, will I be truly amazed.....

      I can tell you why you didn't recieve my letter this week: because it came back to ME this week!! GRRRRRRRR.... you'll see why it was returned to me when you get it (which I hope is soon. I popped it back into the mail on Thursday). Irritating Canada Post.

    2. Can you believe that I'm so eager to get your letter that I had a dream about it last night?! The envelope had been returned to you so you had to put everything inside another envelope, so I was surprised when it arrived in my mailbox and I DIDN'T see a monkey! And then I started reading your letter but I kept being interrupted and that made me mad. My life is exciting.

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