Friday, May 25, 2012

Sir Scone-a-lot.

I had high tea for the first time a few weeks ago. For a tea wannabe aficionado, I'm embarrassed that it's taken me this long to try it out. But now that I've gone, my days are spent wailing, "HIGH TEA, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!" High tea includes various treats served on tiers. Tiers! With tea! There is no part of that combination of words that does not make awesome sense in any universe. However, one of the consequences of finally discovering high tea is my new love for scones. Oh my lord, scones! Scones, get into my mouth now.

Anyone have a really easy (like REALLY easy. Take your easy and then make it even more easy because you should never underestimate my laziness or inability to bake) recipe for scones? Better yet, anyone want to just quit their job, move to Canada, and make me scones all day long? No? Not a single taker? Man, what kind of world do we live in where indentured scone servitude is no longer attractive? I kid, I kid. However, the reality is that I now crave scones morning, afternoon, and night. And I might actually have to don my doctor who apron, dig out some baking utensils (you can bake scones in a roasting pan, right? HA! I'm now imagining you bakers out there having a fit at my baking ineptitude), and actually make desired scones for myself.

Now, onto the mail! Another slowish outgoing week again. As I mentioned last week, I had to slow down somewhat so I could do other things that I enjoy. I've never been a person who can write several letters in a day as it takes me at least a few hours (often quite a bit more) per letter—it's a combination of my verboseness and anal (*cough*delightful*cough*) thoroughness. This is my roundabout way of saying that it might take a little longer to recieve a reply from now on, but I hope my sparkling wit and lovely personality will more than make up for it. No? How about I just distract you with a pretty envelope then? No? Whew....tough crowd. However, I appreciate your patience and please know that I am very appreciative of everything you send me. It's always a pleasure to recieve your mail, and I hope it keeps coming!

OKAY, enough of the cheese, now onto the meat and potatoes of this post:



My first hologram postcard!! Flap those wings Ms. Patty Polly Penguin!


And that's it from me. Scone ya laters! Oh, that is a terrible pun. If you were to change one letter in that sentence, it would turn into a threat. What is happening here?! Apparently I start borderline threatening people when I don't get scones. Scone withdrawal makes me scary. Huh, who would have thunk?!


  1. Wow really amazing looking stuff lucky you.

  2. Funky mail :) I hope mine will arrive soon :)

  3. Mine always arrive to people like they've been stomped. Makes me wonder what happens to them on their way haha.

  4. Just love the "Star Wars" postcard! :)

    And there is no such thing as an easy recipe for scones. It may appear to have relatively simple ingredients and require minimal work, BUT scones are so easy to f*** up. Seriously. It takes a lifetime to learn how to make the perfect scone. I'll include a couple recipes I have with my letter, which I will write and send soon. Keep in mine I'm still very much in scone school, though. ;)

    Have a great week~

    1. Well... this doesn't bode well for a person who can't bake. Well, keep me updated about your progress at scone school so that I can, you know, crib your scone homework. :) I appreciate you sending me the scone recipes!

  5. So much fun mail! :D I've just remembered that I have postcards from Argentina here (I collect free postcards and brought a few from there), will that count to stick a flag on your map? Haha, well, I guess I'll send you some regardless ;).