Saturday, April 21, 2012

In-N-Out (Burgers?)

I had a great mail week, it was very exciting! Thanks to everyone who sent me something, I'm very appreciative! If my mailbox could talk, I'm sure she'd say something like, "Thanks for the yummy goodies, now how about something with more salt?" I know, it shocks me too(!) but my mailbox is a future sufferer of hypertension.


Below is my first reply from a comment I left on Good Mail Day's 2012 Call for Correspondents! It was very exciting. I have done my fair share of "cold writing" people that I've found through sites like GMD and Send Something, but no one had ever written me first. Thanks Meg!

Awesome postcrossing card

But wait, what's this on the postcard...? The Postcrossing stamp from the Netherlands! I was SO EXCITED to recieve this stamp. It's amazing how the simplest thing can make our day. That's the beauty of snail mail—that the smallest kindness and thoughtfulness can mean so much to someone halfway across the world.

Two great first letters: one was a swap-bot penpal letter swap and the other was my first letter as a result of my Pen Pal of the Week ad! Thanks to Melanie for the letter, and big thanks to Julie for posting my ad. I've already met such great people because of it, and I know I'll meet a bunch more! If you're looking for penpals or want more penpals, send Julie a pen pal ad! You could not meet a nicer community of letter writers.



That's it from me as I'm headed to my nephew's birthday party this afternoon. YAY PARTY!
I unintentionally tied the twine (which naturally is airmail-coloured) way too tight for a 7 year old to open. Ooopps... He won't be able to open his present, but at least it's pretty! I'll try not to be evil and giggle as my family members run about trying to find scissors.

Sorry to the people who came to my blog thinking this was going to be a post about fast food, and to everyone else, I hope you also had great mail days this week.


  1. Your pen pal interview was indeed great and I plan on writing you a letter myself as soon as I have a moment to breathe.
    The postcrossing stamp is great, I always wanted one myself :)


  2. Your introduction made me laugh <3

  3. How exciting to see my Poe envelope on your blog! Woohoo!

    (I see that your camera is still working at the moment... Hmmm...)

  4. Hi Laura! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I'm so glad to hear that my letter arrived to you safe. Whenever you can reply is fine. :)
    I recently joined Postcrossing. I'm yet to receive a card, but so far 3 of my first 5 have been received, but it has taken almost a month! A MONTH!!! It's quite sad, really; I'm checking my email numerous times a day just to see if I've a notification from Postcrossing that another postcard has been registered. Absolutely pathetic. It'll be party-time at our house when the first postcrossing postcard arrives in my mail box!
    My writing desk is covered in a terrible mess at the moment. It's embarrassing! I can keep every other inch of the house neat and tidy, but when it comes to that desk I fail. Miserably. I clearly have too much mail stuffs (is that even possible?).
    Have a great week (I'm now following by email)!