Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hello everyone!


Oh, while no one is out there reading this at the moment, I hope I'll get at least a few followers... eventually! But considering the lamest blog post title ever, this isn't getting off to a good start.

I've resisted starting a mail blog for a while, mostly because I'm too lazy to take photos of my incoming and outgoing mail and then post them. Yes, I'm THAT lazy. However, before you judge me, please know that the well formed ass groove I have happening on my couch right now doesn't maintain itself! Ahem. But there's hope for me yet, because here is my first blog post: TA-DAH!!!

This blog is going to be about my love for mail, stationery, postcards--with perhaps some unexpected surprises thrown in as well! Oh, don't get too excited, I doubt there will be dancing monkeys.... yet.

So join me for the ride! But belt yourself in, keep an eye on all your money and valuable possessions, and make sure that your legs and arms remain inside at all times--I can't be held responsible for any bodily injury that might occur otherwise.


  1. Awww you have a blog now! Yay!!!

    I realize that this is making me a little too excited for my own good. I'm tired and was supposed to go to bed after posting on my own blog, but when I saw that you had a new blog I just had to come and read it. If I'm still tired tomorrow, it will be your fault!

    Julie xox

    P.S.: I wrote you a letter! ;)

    1. Oh, I'm so excited! I'm sure I'll do a nerdy "I've got mail from Julie" dance when I recieve it. I don't know what this dance will look like yet, but I'm sure it'll be reasonably spastic! And yes, I accept full responsibility for you being tired. If anyone gives you grief for being tired, you send them to me.... ;)

    2. Can you please take a picture (or better yet, a video!) of yourself when you receive my letter and do that dance?!

      I added the link to your blog on my blog, by the way! Yes, you deserved it. There are so many mail blogs nowadays, but I only put my favorite ones on my blog. You should feel special now! ;)

    3. Well schucks... I checked the timing and yup, my camera is scheduled to, strangely enough, stop working at the exact moment I'll be recieving your letter! What are the chances?! Coincidence? I think not! But that's probably a good thing, because I'm sure seeing it might ruin this blossoming pen-friendship. You know how you sometimes can't look someone in the eyes after seeing them do something spectacularly embarrassing? It's exactly like that.

      OH! I most definitely feel special! YOU ARE THE BEST. :)

  2. Oh, it's only 7pm in Edmonton?! It's still pretty early for you then... It's past 10pm here. I don't usually go to bed before 11pm, but I'm exhausted today and making an exception. Good night! xox